Project Information

Project Description:

The establishment of a Natural Gas to Petrochemicals Complex in Union Industrial Estate, La Brea.  The project being executed will initially use 100 million standard cubic feet per day(mmscf/d) of Natural Gas to produce 1,000,000 tonnes per year (tpy) of Methanol of which 28,200 tonnes per year( tpy) will be used to produce 20,000 tpy of Di-Methyl-Ether (DME).

Estimated Cost:

US $1 Billion

Expected Construction Start Date:


Expected Operations Start Date:


Project Site:

Union Industrial Estate, La Brea, Trinidad & Tobago


100 million cubic feet per day of Natural Gas

Methanol Production:

1,000,000 tpy of Methanol

DME Production:

20,000 tpy of Di-Methyl-Ether (DME)

Engineering & Procurement

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI)

Estimated Job Creation:

Peak employment during the construction is estimated to be about 3,000 people.  During operations, 180 people are expected to be permanently employed by the project with a similar number indirectly employed.

Characteristics & Uses of Methanol

  • A clear colourless liquid that looks like water and has no odour in low concentrations.  Methanol evaporates when exposed to air and dissolves completely when exposed to water. There are currently 7 methanol plants in Point Lisas and in the past 30 years there have been no major incidents.
  • Produced from methane found in natural gas however, it can be produced from any carbon-based source, including coal, municipal wastes, landfill gas, wood wastes and other sources.
  • It is used in numerous applications including plastics, paints, glues and pharmaceuticals.
  • This proposed Methanol Plant will be the eighth Methanol plant to operate in Trinidad and Tobago.

Characteristics & Uses of Di-Methyl Ether

  • A colourless gas at normal temperature and pressure with a slightly sweet odour
  • Similar physical properties to LPG – flammable liquid like LPG, thermally stable, no tendency to peroxide formation found, visible flame
  • Methanol derivative
  • Environmentally friendly, with significant consumer history as a propellant – no emission fuel, does not deplete ozone, minimal impact on water quality, no soot emitted during combustion,
  • Large market potential as LPG blend stock
  • Diesel alternative
  • Can be used for power generation
  • There is a DME plant in operation in Niigata Japan, producing 80,000 tons per annum of DME from Methanol
  • Approved as consumer product propellant, no toxicity or carcinogenicity