IT’S COMING TOGETHER: CGCL’s Methanol & Dimethyl Ether (DME) Project Welcomes its First Shipment Of Equipment

08:30 19 June in Community, News

On August 6th 2016, CGCL commenced construction of its gas to petrochemical complex at Union Industrial Estate (UIE), La Brea. Ten months later, on Tuesday 6th June 2017,  another historic day for the Company, its shareholders, EPC contractor (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) and project stakeholders. CGCL welcomed the first shipment of equipment specific to the construction of the Methanol and DME Petrochemical Complex, at UIE. The vessel ‘MV DA AN’ whose ports of origin were Ulsan and Masan, South Korea, berthed safely at the Brighton Port Facility, La Brea at 1900hrs (7:00pm), and delivered its  cargo comprised of equipment necessary for separation, and purification of Methanol and DME. CGCL sincerely thanks the National Energy Corporation, LABIDCO and all other stakeholders who oversaw the safe delivery of this first shipment.